Discover how you can confidently create and claim your ideas without fear, overwhelm or struggle.

Imagine having an ideas genie-in-a-bottle without ever worrying about how you’ll squeeze him back in.  How good would it feel to regularly choose from your winning ideas without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted!

Are you the kind of person who feels flooded with hundreds of ideas and you just can’t get clear on which to fall in love with and action first?

Or perhaps you know you’re meant to do something… but your mind goes completely blank and even though you only need ONE good idea – you just can’t find it yet.

If either of these scenarios sound familiar this is for you.

★ I want you to reclaim your confidence in your ideas

★ To stand firmly and proudly behind a champion idea and let it grow

★ To explore how it will work in the world and how it will deliver value

★ Finally get clear on your ideas and learn how to generate lots of ideas – easily.

We are limitless in virtually any way we can imagine, unless we believe otherwise. Mike Dooley

Let’s get this straight.  You’re a limited edition.

No one has been through what you have to get to this point.

No one thinks quite like you do and it’s unlikely anyone ever will.

You have infinite thinking, dreaming, creating and imagining to do.

You have limitless ability to access new ideas all the time.

You might have always had a sneaky suspicion that ideas surround you, or maybe you have convinced yourself that a wealth of ideas – on demand – and the ability to pick a winning idea with utter ease is for other people.

This is for you if you’re done wondering and want to get started now.

This is for you if you’re ready to make this year the year you flourish with abundant ideas and finally feel the confidence which comes from being ideas rich.

I know what you’re thinking… you don’t want or need to be told what to think.  I respect that.  But how would it feel to uncover the many options of HOW you could think?  That’s different.  It’s a process.  An invaluable process that will stand the test of time and give you unlimited options for carving out ideas that just might help you achieve your future dreams.

Creativity is intelligence having fun. Albert Einstein

We will solve…

★ What to do when you are overwhelmed with ideas

★ What to do when you don’t have a single idea

★ How to summon and choose the best ideas

★ How to make your ideas bigger, bolder, brighter, better

★ Where to start and how to begin

★ The natural ideas rollercoaster

★ How you can harness the best ideas and bin the bad ones (without feeling guilty)

★ How to find the confidence to “park” ideas which are “not right nows” and concentrate your efforts on one simply show-stopper of an idea

★ Why you should constantly cultivate new ideas but action only a few

★ The difference between transient thoughts (gold dust random) and ideas that will shyly circle around the back of your head forever hoping you’ll notice them.

If you’re not in touch with your ideas and you don’t love what you do then everything will feel like hard work.

Don’t look for ideas to confirm your thinking, rather look for trends that will disrupt your thinking. Rich Simmonds

Have you ever felt like that there was something more?

That you were meant to be something more?

Have you noticed that as children we somehow feel more alive, more creative – with endless days lived sparked by imagination and having blissfully uninhibited self expression to just do our own thing, make things, imagine things and enjoy the moment with no attachment to the outcome?

These are the thoughts that fascinated me when I was growing up.  I used to question people all the time.  How do you think?  How do you dream?  Where do your ideas live?  Where do they go?  How do we learn things?  How can some people learn lightning fast whilst others get stuck?  Why is it so hard to find the middle ground between all or nothing?

We either have so many ideas they drown us, incapacitating us from taking action or we experience a drought.  We are ashamed to say we can’t think of one single idea.  Mortifying!  As a result we feel paralysed or panicky about where our ideas went and anxious if they’ll ever return – or numb, like we’ve just lost our greatest treasure.  And the pressure!  Ever had a boss who says “I’d like an idea to solve EVERYTHING… NOW.”?

What I’ve learnt so far is this:

It doesn’t matter if your teacher told you you weren’t good at this stuff.  They were wrong.

It doesn’t matter if you wouldn’t describe yourself as “creative”.  Be open to surprises.

It doesn’t matter if you think utterly differently from everyone else.  That’s part of the charm.

It doesn’t matter if you feel you think like everyone else.  That’s ok too.

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself an “ideas failure”.  We all make mistakes.

What matters is you’re here.  Now.

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world Robin Williams

There are 12 big blocks to ideas.  Nearly all of them revolve around FEAR.

The good news?  It’s not your fault.

The brilliant news?

There are processes to turn your neural pathways into dynamite and unleash your stuck creative-ideas-making-genie for good ⟶ so these blocks never have to be an issue again.

And also, it’s fun!  Although I can’t guarantee you won’t awake excitedly in the middle of the night and reach for your pen and notebook before you happily return to sleep knowing you’ve caught a gem.  Plus there are health benefits.  Your brain emits oxytocin and serotin when you draw and dream.

Fear is stupid. So are regrets. Marilyn Monroe

Ready to identify with which of the 12 big blocks have kept you sitting on some of your best ideas for months, years or decades?… Sometimes our whole lives?

 1. Worrying about what everyone else is doing

 2. Being afraid your idea is already out there

 3. Being afraid someone will steal your idea

 4. Being afraid it’s not (good) enough (or original enough, or bold enough, or … you get the idea)

 5. Being afraid people will think you’re silly for even trying

 6. Being afraid people won’t like it, understand it, or want it

 7. Getting wrapped up in far flung future worries before even exploring it

 8. Trusting and having the self belief you can do this

 9. Not sure where to even begin

10. Defeatist: “Even if I get a good idea – what am “I” going to do with it?!”

11. Distracted: So frantic are you that everyone else will beat you to it, you scramble and clutch at every passing (shiny) thing through the fear of missing out.

12. Limiting patterns – not letting yourself think beyond how you’ve always thought (afterall your boundaries, invisible or otherwise, have kept you safe this far haven’t they?).


Fear can feel exhausting in itself. It’s like torturous noise when you want silence or deafening silence when you want bustling noise.  Either extreme can eat away at you.

The good news is there is a middle ground.  A point between ALL (drowning in ideas) or NOTHING (idea drought).  A rich, fertile land where abundance lies and you too can choose to live there and become ideas rich.

We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? Marianne Williamson

Here’s what you get:

This course is an uncommon mix of:

science + creativity + thought + space in-between + magic*

*ok not real white witch magic, I just mean the intuitive kind of wonderful things in the universe that seem to align themselves when you set a purpose.

You get lifetime access to all the modules, delivered in a unique blend of video, audio, with exercises, checklists, a structured workbook and more.  In a nutshell this course gives you structure and creativity.  It encourages you to be fearless and connect with energetic, expansive ideas that will move you forward.

A year from now you may wish you had started today. Karen Lamb

Isn’t it time you gave yourself permission to see what could happen if you allow your ideas to take flight?


Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next. Jonas Salk

Of course you could carry on, doing what you’ve been doing.  But are you happy?  Take a moment to think really hard how much it could cost you every day that you don’t take action.  When your ideas are fighting to be heard or whispering so shyly that you overlook them.  Compare that to how it would feel to stand boldly holding a rich idea squarely in your hands knowing exactly where it could lead.

Of course, you could throw money at the next shiny object to distract yourself or you could continue watching what other people are up to, secretly coveting their every move and plotting your incarnation as their mini-me.  Wouldn’t you rather take this time to trust and invest in yourself?  To give yourself permission to hear the ideas that are whispering… and to be true to yourself, to discover the ideas – your ideas – which need to be heard by the world right now?

You’ll finally feel confident you’re on the right track and as a result you’ll feel empowered.

For once and for all you can say goodbye to worrying about what everyone else is up to.  You’ll have your own ideas to focus on… and other people will be looking at you instead, wondering how you can so easily know which ideas to choose from and develop and admiring how confidently you take action.  You’ll free up valuable time, so you can achieve more, faster.

Life meets you where you honour yourself Danielle LaPorte

Don’t be fooled… this isn’t a mindset bonanza (although getting your mindset on track will help).  Or a spiritual masterpiece.  This isn’t a course about how to launch your product, action marketing strategies, set up Facebook ads, sales funnels or a one-size-fits-all approach to creativity.

This is about how to become ideas rich.

Uncovering the right process for you so you never have to have an ideas dry spell again, nor feel drowned in overwhelming ideas, competing for your attention.

This is about being confident, having processes which suit you, so that you can trust your ideas and build from there.

Awaken. Inspire. Create.

What good are all the marketing strategies and sales funnels in the world if your true foundations are shaky?

How would it feel to know you have a limitless source of ideas at your disposal – whenever you need?


At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

You are unique. 

No one else can create like you can create.

Isn’t it time to unravel how we got disconnected from this and in a practical non-wishy-washy process begin again – from an ideas-rich place filled with hope, promise, imagination and adventure?

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. CS Lewis

You can expect commitment, determination, imagination, respect and creative flair from working with me.

There’s a reason why I haven’t split the course into two: I want you to feel confident you have each extreme covered, so you can cope with both an ideas flood OR drought.  You’ll have the resources there, should you need them.

I want you to unleash the ideas that I know are ready and waiting for you, right now.

I want you to reclaim your time by spotting the good ones and letting go of the timewasters.

I want this for you so you can get on with being who you want to be in the world.  So that you can seize the day and live life on your own terms, without any more distractions.


Please don’t buy this course if you’re not ready to reveal some of your best ideas in decades.  Seriously. This is not for you if you don’t feel ready to be so lit up by your ideas that you may experience some “too excited to sleep” outbursts (just like when you were little).

This most definitely isn’t for you if you don’t fancy being brave right now.  If you hate fun and you don’t like thinking about things, if you abhor creativity and the prospect or sharing something you’ve created in this world then this really isn’t for you.  That’s ok.  Not everyone wants to throw themselves into something which makes their brain buzz, their heart sing or revive long forgotten hopes and dreams of what “could” be… and that’s ok.

Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again? A A Milne

What’s stopping you?

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  You don’t have to worry about your privacy; your data is sacred.  I promise I’ll never share or sell your personal information.

What else?

There’s a full 14 day money-back guarantee if for any reason you decide Ideas Rich isn’t right for you.  Just let me know within 14 days and I’ll personally refund your money back, no problem at all (we’ll still be friends).


Full and honest disclaimer…

I am not a psychologist, brain surgeon, genius, I’m not even a member of MENSA.  There are no fame or fortune claims to be found here, despite the title including “rich”, although naturally I’ll be over-the-moon for you if your ideas bring you new found glory and wealth.  I’ve just found these processes works for me and I hope they will for you too.